The Results Are In From The

Aero Reader Survey

The Results Are In

Thank You To Our Subscribers

A big thank you for all our aviation fans both Military and Civillian.

Over the past year you have been giving your feedback on our articles and we are forever grateful. We will continue to produce more articles and videos on the information that you really want to read about.

The same as last year, we asked you to give your favorite military aircraft from around the world, your favorite First Class Airline and Favorite Economy Airline (International). This years results are in, plus a very special thank you toward the bottom.

Favorite Military Aircraft

Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor


The Lockheed Martin f-22 Raptor has again topped the charts globally as your favorite Military Aircraft. There is always a lot of discussion about why the cancellation of the F-22 Program was (or wasn't) the right thing to do. The nations love for the F-35 is growing due to its use in many countries throughout the world. We suspect a strong showing in 2020 from the F-18 Hornet as it is set to star in the Maverick (Top Gun 2) Movie. Movies always grow a lot of love for aircraft!

USAF F-22 Raptor
singapore airlines first class suite

Best First Class Airline

Singapore Airlines A380 First Class Suite

Singapore Airlines takes this years top slot with their First Class Cabins, more specifically those on the Airbus A380. With reclining executive chairs and a full bed, topped with class leading service. This year Singapore were the runaway leaders.

Best Economy Airline (International Flights)

Virgin Atlantic


This is always the most contencious of all the categories as our readers have varying opinions. However, the results are what they are, and by a majority (although slim) Virgin Atlantic came out on top. Mentions came about exceptional service and the best legroom for the price, although this was restricted to their dreamliner aircraft. We are sure that this result will change next year as it always does, but for this year, congratulations Virgin Atlantic.

Virgin Atlantic

Special Mention

Emergency In Australia

The whole world has been watching with baited breath as much of Australia burns with the countries worst ever bush fires.

Firefighters have been battling the blazes from the ground and from the air around the clock.

We would like to send special thanks to Night Flight Concepts for spending the time to speak to us to explain the intricacies of fighting fires from the air, while using night vision goggles.

Night Flight Concepts is the world leader in Military and civillian aviation night vision training. They spent a great deal of time explaining to us, how Aerial Night Vision can be used for aerial firefighting through the bush fires. This has been enabling firefighters to work around the clock (in the air). We will be publishing the article soon, so keep an eye out for that. Right now, if you can, consider donating to help the firefighters in their efforts in Australia, help families devestated by the fires and to help save the wildlife that is so important to Australia.